What is Insurance?

Insurance is a type of agreement provided by corporations which assists individuals to minimize the damage that may be incurred to one's health or property. The right to receive compensation for the damage you may encounter is obtained with the premium you pay in advance. The amount determined as the premium set forth under the contract must be paid in order for the insurance to protect you. The written agreement signed between you and the institution performing the insurance service is called a policy. Since the policy is a mutual agreement between the two parties, it is necessary to fully agree on the content of the policy. One of the most important points to consider when getting insured is the coverage of the insurance. You should pay attention to the benefits offered to you by the insurance you will get. The benefits should be stated fully and in a comprehensible manner in the policy. Acknowledging the points that are not covered by the insurance will minimize the problems you may encounter in the future. Therefore it is significant that you pay great attention to read your policy carefully before getting insured. In Our BlackRose Insurance Program…

● We will ensure that the damage is covered when likely to occur incidents are encountered.

● Since the number of people with whom the risk is shared will change depending on the number of participants, there is no necessity to be charged with a huge deal thanks to the insurance.

● BlackRose insurance services will provide a sense of security to both individuals and institutions.

● We will assist to plan the future further clearly with our understanding of insurance, which is an important factor in promoting entrepreneurship.

● By eliminating the damage that may be encountered, BlackRose will reduce financial concerns about the future.

● Our investors can insure themselves with BRC.

● Black Insurance will be responsible to perform its services separate from but integrated into the BRC.

● We will establish risk assessment centers.

● The risks of insurances to be made will be evaluated in these centers.

● Your investments will be secured with BlackRose Finance.

● We will certainly have our investors contented in this regard.